My name is Shafiq. How did I become a photographer? The story began 8 years ago. At that time I was in-between jobs. My aunty who runs a photo studio heard of this and she offered to take me in.

That’s how I started. Started by taking passport photos in a photo studio.

One day I took  part in a photo competition on the invitation of a friend. I took the company’s most expensive equipment as opposed to my friend who used something lower in range.

Looking at the results, it struck me that the more expensive camera did not necessarily do better; my friend’s photos were much ahead of mine. To me, this simply meant that a good camera was not a prerequisite;  more important was the photographer’s mindset.

So I took to studying photography in various places to improve my knowledge and skill.

How do I think as a professional photographer? I treat every wedding job as my own wedding. I aim to capture all the happy and precious moments.

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